This short film shows how we sample floating marine debris. Wicked Horizon conducted a test sampling survey in the Misool Area utilising a trawling net to obtain quantitative data on the amount, source, and migration pattern of ocean plastic waste. To carry out this survey, a T1 trawling net was rented from OceanKita. The Thomsea’s net is specifically designed for waste collection in harbours, coastal or sheltered waters, and is capable of being towed by a small boat. The filtering socket of the net has a capacity of approximately 40 kg of debris at a density of 0.2. The net is sampling from the surface at a depth of 17 cm, and the collection span of the net is 1 to 3m. The sampling pocket is 0.2 m3 or 200 l, and is capable of catching debris with a length of over 1.7 mm.