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Hello and welcome to our Website!

We are a committed team of sailors, academics, consultants and explorers. From our international engagements we have become partners for schools, NGOs and research institutions.

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Our Services

Wicked Horizon is offering vessel and crew for the following activities:

• Project work for research institutions and NGOs;

• Projects under Wicked Horizon’s directive;

• Private Expeditions (sailing, wildlife spotting, diving and more);

• Edutainment and educational talks and school projects.

• Yacht Deliveries

• Passage Routing

During most of these activities we can offer crew/guest accommodation onboard S/Y Nora Simrad.

Find our where we are at the moment! This link will open the “Predict Wind” web site with Nora’s current position shown


+++ March 2023 +++ Our 2023/24 Sail Plan is ready!

We’ll sail to the Philippines! Please look at our booking site to see the many destinations.


+++ February 2023 +++ Pollution Mapping

We have received a drag net from OceanKita to sample plastic pollution. for details refer to our “Services” Page.


+++ February 2022 +++ Documentary to be aired on Norwegian TV

In August 2021 Charlotte and Paul sailed the Halden Kanal, one of only two inland waterways in Norway and Charlottes home. They documented their adventure and the result will be a six-episode documentary to be aired on Norwegian television.

Our Boat

SY Nora Simrad

S/Y Nora Simrad is a sturdy and reliable sailing yacht. In favourable conditions she easily covers more than 200 NM per day. The boat has been continuously upgraded over the years.

2023 / 2024: Indonesia and the Philippines

Sail with Us!

Our Team

Peter Keller

CEO and Skipper

Arne Buhs

CFO and Skipper

Linn Charlotte Klund

Cross Cultural Advisor and Skipper

Paul Lübbe

Fleet Captain and Skipper

Oliver Trueb

Sustainability Manager and Crew

Debbie Chan

Designer, Cook and Crew

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